Cosmetic Dentist Seattle

Finding cosmetic dentist Seattle isn’t exactly hard, but when you keep in mind that you are placing your teeth to a stranger it’s not exactly comforting. Our teeth are more than just practical tool strapped onto our faces, no, they are the appeal of most. Our teeth define our smile, our laughter and so much more. If they appear blemished, it could make one less confident and frown upon life. No need to worry though, we are here to ensure you show the world the biggest and most beautiful smile you can possibly have.

Cosmetic dentistry is an elaborate merge of both the science world as well as the art world. Our dentists are not only exposed to this form of dentistry both in theory and experience, they are also seasoned in the field and comprehend the fact of a smile being more than just teeth, they bring together a myriad of features to ensure you have just the right smile.

Our services are of high quality and we are known for setting the benchmark in the region and the industry. This being said, we also believe that every patient is different and reacts differently to treatment, which is why we ensure every time you visit us, you get a customized service that leaves you all smiles –literally speaking.

Below, we are going to look at some of the procedures our team performs with utmost precision and detail.

· Veneers

They are thin but durable structures that are geared towards improving the shape, color, and position of the teeth. It is one of the most common procedures as it can also facilitate for a manifold of other aesthetic changes.

· Teeth whitening

We work with revolutionary systems to ascertain you get the whitest teeth of all. The teeth whitening procedure is also a favorite as it doesn’t take much time and effectively removes stain particles deposited in your teeth by tea, coffee, smoking and many other causes.

· Porcelain crowns

This is a natural looking procedure that refurbishes and restores teeth that have been severely damaged. Our teams not only handle the procedure meticulously, they also ensure the crowns act as a guard and preserver of the teeth.

· Complete dental reconstruction

Damages to the mouth via accidents and other injuries can be quite devastating. There is no need to worry, out team will not only reconstruct the beauty, form and function of your teeth; they will also make sure you leave smiling.

· Instantaneous orthodontics

Our special team comprising of special orthodontics are faster, they intrude much less and often leaves you looking better than you would in braces. We have a variety of options that leave your teeth looking straighter, sometimes without the use of aligners.

The value of your teeth is priceless. They are not just objects used for chewing and grinding food, they are an extension of our smiles, our personas. When looking for quality cosmetic dentistry, don’t struggle with the choice, only choose the best. Visit us and be guaranteed of a smile from our faces and yours.