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http://foothillsneurology.com/pain-management-chandler/ is a well-known medical facility in Chandler, Arizona. Our clinic was purposely established to offer innovative treatments to offer patients an outstanding experience. At our Chandler medical facility, we deliver individualized, sympathetic care for patients who are suffering from severe and constant pain. Our highly educated physicians and employees build up customized treatment plans, consisting of highly developed pain alleviating interference’s and treatments. At our Chandler-based pain management clinic, our main goal is to ease pain, at the same time, improving our patients’ function and life quality. Moreover, our physicians have been acknowledged as the leading doctors in the Chandler area by leading health magazines.

Why should you choose our Chandler pain management clinic?

When you come to our clinic to treat your pain, you can rest guaranteed that you would get an appropriate care and that you would leave our medical facility with 100% relief from your pain. At our medical facility, we offer patients a comprehensive care by treating an extensive variety of pain disorders. All treatments are offered by our board-certified physicians in a sympathetic way. Our services are so efficient such that we offer our appointments and treatments on the same day.

At our Chandler-based pain management facility, your treatment will start with a complete medical history and physical check, evaluation of earlier period medical records, and assessment of radiographic tests to make out the resource of your pain. We use this evaluation to build up a personalized treatment plan, highlighting pain lessening and improved life quality. Additionally, we strive to stop re-injury and look for to encourage lively, healthy lifestyles.

Conditions treated at our Chandler pain management clinic

Even though our physicians are specialists in treating a variety of pain disorders, some of the most commonly and professionally treated conditions include:

v Arthritis-associated spine and joint pain.

v Work, auto, and athletic wounds.

v Neck and back pain.

v Unceasing pain syndromes.

v Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

v Central pain syndrome.

v Tailbone pain.

v Myofascial pain.

v Muscle sprains and strains.

Treatments offered by our physicians

At our pain administration facility in Chandler, we take a complete approach to pain administration. We call attention to a multi-disciplinary thinking, using physical therapy, pain medications, behavioral treatment, interventional procedures, and alternative medicine, which are customized to the diagnosis and treatment objectives of our patients. Some of the best treatments we offer at our pain management facility include:

v Bursa vaccinations for elbow, shoulder, knee, and hip pains.

v Epidural steroid vaccinations for cervical, lumbar, thoracic, and caudal pains

v Discography

v Facet vaccinations

v Treatment for the Intercostal nerve blocks.

v Radiofrequency Neuroablation.

v Viscosupplementation vaccinations for knee pain.

At our medical facility, we off all interventions with ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance to make sure correct placement and best results.

When you come to us, you have no necessity to live with distressing pains. Get in touch with one of the certified physicians of our Chandler pain management clinic to have a free consultation. You can choose any time, which is convenient for your busy lifestyle, as our physicians are always ready to help you. Have a complete relief permanently from your variety of pains to lead a pain-free and happy life.