Restore Your Beautiful Smile with Dentures

Dentures are one of the best, quickest as well as the most affordable option one has when it comes to restoring smile and confidence. A dentist in Seattle can help you in making your smile better with the help of dentures.

What is dentures?

In simple words, dentures can be explained as a kind of thing which is to replace your damaged or missing natural teeth. Dentures look like your natural teeth and you will have the option to take it out and put it back in your mouth. The dentures accommodate the palate (upper dentures) and tongue (lower dentures) to provide support for the lips and cheeks. There are many different types of dentures and it is up to the dentist to determine which one will suit your situation the best.

What are dentures made up of? Will it look natural?

Dentures are made up of porcelain, plastic or both. Thanks to the advancement of modern dentistry, the dentures look exactly like natural teeth and thus they are virtually undetectable.

Do I really need dentures?

Most people are not aware of the fact that losing tooth/teeth can be an embarrassing as well as a traumatic experience. Teeth loss will not only affect your confidence and self-esteem, but it will also create many noticeable problems (if left untreated). In most cases, the patient faces problems in speaking and chewing properly. In other cases, people develops a sunken type appearance in the cheek region because of the missing teeth.

What is the difference between full and partial dentures?

You will be in need of complete or full dentures if you have no healthy teeth left and therefore have to replace an entire dental arch. This type of dentures generally features artificial teeth on a plastic base that dentists custom make so that it blends well with the look of your gums and natural smile.

On the other hand, the partial kind are there to replace just one or few teeth. This removable type of denture is important as they not only drastically improve your smile and appearance, but also will help you to speak and chew better. Besides, dentists also recommend this type of dentures as it prevent the natural teeth from drifting and shifting into the gap/space left behind by the missing tooth/teeth.

What do you mean by implant dentures?

This type of dentures can be explained as a type of over-dentures which are attached to implants. The main difference between this type of dentures and other types is that it will not be resting on the gums. Because of this; the implant-supported dentures happen to feel more stable and more like real teeth to the patients. Thus, this kind of dentures have a very high satisfaction and success rate. Just like any other types of dentures, you will have the option replace one or many missing teeth. Besides, you will also be able to remove this type as and when needed.

How long will my dentures last?

Dentures are durable and has the ability to perform any tasks your natural teeth were supposed to. But over the course of time they will wear, and you will need to be relined, repaired or replaced it. Broken, worn-down or damaged dentures are needed to be taken care of immediately so that your jaw alignment is not affected negatively.

If you maintain and take care of the dentures accordingly, then you can delay the recline, replace, repair or rebase process. With regular dental check-ups and examination at good clinics, your dentures can be cared for effectively.